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Megan Vosk

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A brief summary of my career so far:

Childhood: I grew up in a suburb of New York City and have lived in many places since then. I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be a teacher. My passion is helping young people become active and engaged citizens who are curious about their world.

Education: I graduated Phi Beta Kappa with High Distinction from the University of Virginia in 2006. I earned a B.A. in Studies in Women and Gender with a minor in Astronomy and a M.A.T. in Secondary Education Social Studies.

Early Career: After college, I taught reading, writing, and humanities at a nonprofit GED and workforce development training program in Portland, Oregon. While in Portland, I earned an ESL Endorsement from Portland State University.

International Teaching Posts: I began my career abroad in 2012 when I moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE. In Abu Dhabi I taught middle school history and geography at an all-girls private international school that was attended by members of the royal family. After Abu Dhabi, I moved to Seoul, South Korea. I taught middle school humanities, ELA, and writing. I also supervised the student council and was a member of the International Day organizing committee.

Current Position: I am currently teaching grade 7 EAL at the American Embassy School in New Delhi. I am also the middle school faculty rep, the grade 7 team lead, and a member of the service-learning committee. I have also served on our Board Strategic Planning and Policy Committees. I think it is important to be an engaged member of my community, and I do my best to get involved and contribute to the growth of the school.

Professional Development & Goals: I just received my teacher leader certificate from the University of San Diego.  I’m also working on earning my COETAIL certificate in Educational Technology and Information Literacy. I’m interested in moving from the classroom into a leadership or administration role in the near future. After eighteen incredible years of teaching, I’m excited to see where the second half of my career takes me!

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(I use she/her/hers pronouns)

  • Twitter: @megan_vosk

  • Email:

  • Current Location: New Delhi, India – American Embassy School

  • Current Job Title: Grade 7 Team Lead & EAL Teacher